new frontiers for your growth aspirations.

For 20 years Ernani Ferrari has helped application providers expand or improve their business in all continents. Practical, global expertise in localizing products and related processes.

Some projects that used Ernani’s help:

Global and local experience

Regardless of where your business initiatives take you—to any of the world’s major countries, smaller markets, a regional approach or specifically Brazil (where Ernani has an extensive partner network)—Ernani can help you!


  • understand what is required for international endeavors;
  • assess your company’s organization, processes, and products in internationalization or localization initiatives;
  • plan for international business initiatives;
  • get ready for the international market or a specific geography;
  • enter the market of one or more geographies;
  • assess remote operations (direct or partners);  
  • improve processes and products for international operations;
  • manage crisis situations in foreign countries.

Real-world, practical experience

Internationalization and localization projects for small and large companies, such as Microsoft, SSA, Datasul, NetSuite, and QAD.

Product distribution to over 70 countries.

Localizations implemented/supported for all 30 major countries in the world.

Regulatory requirements and business practices.

Products in 26 languages.

Management of localization requirements for 40 countries.

On-site, on-going management in 16 countries.

Structuring or reorganization of large (400+ developers) and small development groups in countries such as India, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Japan, and Thailand.

Extensive knowledge of local legal matters and business practices.

Extensive multicultural experience.

Fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Your company has done a lot to get here. Ernani Ferrari can help you keep growing and expand your market!

Talk to Ernani and learn more about how he can help your company grow internationally optimizing your existing resources.