Two decades of product management and strategic planning and execution experience. Extensive experience working with all software business functions solving complex problems to go to market and boost operational efficiency.

Ernani’s clients include Microsoft, IBM, and 100+ software companies.

Former executive of three global software companies, Ernani led R&D international teams of up to 600 professionals. Experience working in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Former instructor at Stanford University (Internationalization of Software Companies). Advisor. Coach. Board member. Columnist. Author. International speaker.


Ernani Ferrari can help improve–or transform–your company through product management.

Why wait to grow faster?

Ernani Ferrari is backed by 20 years of global experience, an extensive body of knowledge, a network of experts, and continuous research about technology and market trends. He has helped over 100 software companies around the world–from small organizations to large corporations—and can help you too accelerate your company's growth.




Ernani Ferrari’s experience and execution coordination ensure results. Articulated reviews of strategic product guidelines, cross-functional process improvement, and alignment of organizational structures rapidly boost financial performance.

Your company can move to new levels of profitability by reaching top-rated productivity and sales. Ernani has been collecting client success stories since he started his consulting practice in 2005. That is reflected on 94% of his clients engaging him for a second project in less than 12 months.

these are brands that trust Ernani Ferrari, along with 70+ other clients for transformational projects and 60+ for educational initiatives.


What clients and leaders say about Ernani Ferrari

  • "Ernani Ferrari has an outstanding ability to understand foreign environments and cultures and integrate them with the process of structured and rapid software development. He has developed approaches to localization of software products that are innovative and unique. As a result he has the capability to deliver phenomenal results in a repeated and reliable fashion."

    Sunil Dovedy
    President - Adizes

  • "On the second day of work (with Ernani Ferrari) I could already see where we were headed; 15 days later we were on our way. I would not say we reinvented our company; in fact, we discovered a new one!"

    Eduardo Bahiense
    CEO and Founder - EVN

  • "He (Ernani Ferrari) made major improvements in speed to market, development expense reduction, product quality, and increased and improved functionality. His help much contributed to our success."

    Vincent P. Niedzielski
    Executive Vice President, R&D - QAD

  • "Ernani Ferrari has become a reference to software companies."

    Celso A. Oliveira
    CEO - Dalmark Systems

  • “Ernani Ferrari brought important insights we are using to maximize our resources and improve results from our nationwide distribution channels.”

    Andre Pinheiro
    SW Channel Manager - IBM Software

  • “Ernani Ferrari helped us design the company of our dreams. Quadrupling our revenue (…) was just one of the results. The activities were fantastic; we got answers to all of our questions and have done in a short time what companies take many years to accomplish.”

    Carlos Meni
    CEO - Wolters Kluwer Prosoft

  • "The diagnoses performed by Ernani Ferrari on our operations exceeded our expectations."

    Menotti Franceschini
    Head of GTM/Softway - Thomson Reuters

  • “Ernani Ferrari’s diagnostic was comprehensive and very assertive. In a short time he identified many improvement opportunities we are exploring by reviewing our processes.”

    Moacir Cardoso
    CEO - Neogrid

  • “We sure did the right thing bringing Ernani Ferrari to support us. We learned a lot. Important initiatives are being put in place better and faster than ever before. It is unanimous the recognition of how much value his experience added.”

    Wilton Boldrini
    Chief Executive Officer - Alliance

  • "Your (Ernani Ferrari's) knowledge, wisdom and global understanding of the software industry helped shape my opinions on how to go forward with our company under difficult circumstances and make the tough choices a little easier to manage. Our team loved the experience of working with you…it really had a profound and lasting effect."

    John Nachef
    CEO - Certainsafe, Secure Cloud Systems

  • "After we adopted the new processes developed with Ernani Ferrari’s help, it became hard to imagine how we could work in any other way.”

    Katiani Jantsch
    Services Manager - Consistem

  • “The outstanding capacity for planning and structuring, deep knowledge of business processes and complete control over information technology, besides the excellent posture and credibility, make of Ernani Ferrari a professional of very high performance, capable of surpassing, with total harmony in his teams, the most daring objectives. Working with him was a great satisfaction to me, for what I learned and for the time spent along this spectacular person.”

    Roney Leoni Machado
    Chief Operations Officer - Aspen Procwork

  • “Ernani´s work was very important to our company. We had a large team for customer support and software maintenance, always extremely busy trying to address all the issues reported by our customers. With Ernani we understood and implemented a new software development methodology aiming at delivering a product with much better quality to our customers. Today, support and maintenance operate with 50% less people, with a by far lesser amount of work and greater customer satisfaction, not to mention our costs reduction.”

    Celio Valcanaia
    Chief Executive Officer SGP - HCM

  • “Ernani Ferrari is an expert of the software engineering realm. His experience and competence, combined with his attitude, contributed in a decisive way to raise our organization to the next levels in application development and customer support, as well as for the implementation of extended software tests (…). Ernani has a unique characteristic to this kind of work, which is his didactics and judgement. He can combine the characteristics of a master with the ability to listen, understand and take a standpoint that promotes what is best to all parties. That is, for sure, fundamental to any change process or implementation of new concepts.”

    Sergio R. Cochela
    CEO Futura – Financial Software Solutions

  • “The diversity of experiences and the accumulated competencies are a unique trademark of Ernani Ferrari in every project he participates. It makes the difference! He is a great modeler of structured and sustainable changes, who leaves his mark as the before and the after Ernani.”

    Jackson Rovina
    Chief Executive Officer Euax – Project Management

  • "In this Global IT village, I have interacted with so many professionals, but Ernani has left his strong footprint behind. (…) knew how to assert with his refined mannerism and in-depth knowledge of Quality and Project Management, along with his tremendous capability for relationship building and to work out win-win situations."

    Rajal Chattopadhyay
    Sr. General Manager - Business Application Solutions Atos Origin India

  • "Ernani is the IT expert with international insights. He helped expanding our business in Japan with always-quick responses from the other side of the earth."

    Ko Asami
    Director of Global Strategic Business - QAD Japan

  • “Learning and improving with our own resources would take longer than we wanted. We needed a structure to promote more productivity and project control, from sales to delivery, in an environment easier to manage and that would keep the creativity flowing. Ernani Ferrari was the accelerator we needed. I have been in many consulting projects, but I have never seen so objective and efficient jobs.”

    Anderson de Andrade
    CEO A2C - Internet for Business

  • “Our workshop for strategic planning took us to analyses much deeper and more consistent than I could ever imagine. We are now certain about where we can get and have the strategies for it. Every company, no matter how big, should go through this workshop with Ernani Ferrari. It is just fantastic!"

    Paulo Lima
    CEO - One to One

  • “The project led by Ernani Ferrari in the areas of product management, R&D, and services, brought to reality what used to be the dream of the Sales department and the entire company.”

    Luciano Carril Corsi
    Director, Sales & Marketing - Gemco Creative Software Solutions

  • "Working with Ernani Ferrari was one of the best working experiences I have ever had. Having deep knowledge in so many areas of a software company, he combines concepts and tools in tremendous ways to prepare a company to face market challenges and become more and more competitive. Besides all of his skills, Ernani is also an example of a tireless leader, motivator and team player."

    Claudia Espindola Correa
    COO - Dalmark Systems

  • "Ernani Ferrari is certainly one of the greatest IT specialists from our country."

    Evandro Ballico
    CEO - Focco

  • "Our review projects for test processes and the implementation of (...) in the software development processes were a great success! The first contributed to a 26% reduction of customer issues in six months, besides reducing quality costs. The second increased productivity by approximately 20%. Excellent results! Thank you and congratulations for the ideas!"

    Ana Gozdziejewski
    Process Manager - Totvs

  • “Ernani Ferrari helped us triple our financial results in two years, going from below market average to levels above those usually found.”

    Rafael Rojas
    Chief Operations Officer - Target Systems

  • "We are very satisfied with the results from the help we got from Ernani Ferrari for our internationalization initiative. All we have is praise to him."

    Eduardo V. R. Cunha
    Chief Technology Officer - LG Systems

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