deep analyses. pragmatism. execution.

Unclear business strategies promote guessed products.

Ernani Ferrari uses short events, hand-picked methodologies, and extensive knowledge of the software industry to provide the pragmatism and the depth demanded by software companies for a brief and effective strategic planning, with practical mechanisms for its execution and control.

a better approach for software companies.

Ernani Ferrari has created a unique, highly effective approach to strategic planning and overall strategic management for software companies.

Ernani Ferrari rapidly designs customized processes for strategic planning and execution for each client, based on the best available methodologies. The results are pragmatic, comprehensive, and deep–yet prompt–analyses and strategic decisions. Ernani’s approaches also ensure that strategic plans are properly executed and continuously updated.

What guarantees results?


Ernani brings to the planning process an extensive knowledge of the information technology industry, combined with deep experience in processes and the execution of business initiatives. This expertise not only enriches most analyses but also addresses all execution aspects during the planning process, yielding plans far more realistic and feasible.

Analyze your company and market by all perspectives and explore its potential, today and in the future

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